Is the property purchaser’s rights protected under Malaysian laws?

Yes, The Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act 1966 not only regulates the business of housing developers but also protects the interests of house buyers.


How can I get a loan in Malaysia?

You may obtain loan financing from Malaysian bank/finance institutions. Your margin of loan financing may depend on the chosen bank/finance institution’s internal credit assessment guidelines and your property will be charged/assigned accordingly.


What are the possible costs that may be incurred when purchasing property in Malaysia?

Please refer to Other Costs for more information.


Are there any restrictions on selling property?

There are no restrictions unless the state approval contains conditions.


Do I have to pay tax on the sale of my property?

Yes, please refer to Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) under Other Costs for more information.


Can I transfer my earnings from my Malaysian property outside of Malaysia?

The Malaysian Central Bank does not impose any restriction on the repatriation of profits, rental and proceeds from divestment of investment in Malaysia by a non-resident.